What You Get

Code Quality Report

We examine the code and come up with a report on it's quality: whether it's stable, scalable, and re-usable.

UX and UI Design Audit

Our unique design framework allows evaluating the qualities of beauty and attractiveness within the context of user expectations.

End-to-End Testing

We assess the project in terms of functional performance. We present the findings with a comprehensive report.

Tech Recommendations

Using the data from previous stages, we come up with a list of recommendations on technologies that best suit your goal.

Project Roadmap

We synthesize all of the information collected into a comprehensive project roadmap of what's the best way forward for your project.


We go the extra mile

If you decide to go on with us maintaining your app, the cost of the App Evaluation Workshop will be deducted from the project development cost.

App Evaluation Workshop Process


Pre-evaluation: Code Quality Review

So we can begin, we need your input. You initiate the process by sending the basic document(s) you have on your project (one, or all of them): concept description, functional list, list of components/platforms/technologies, etc.

  Who’s involved: you (the project owner).


Business requirements session

Based on the documents you sent in the initial phase, we dive into the details of your project and business. We talk it over with the project team that worked on the project, where it did and did not succeed. We evaluate the current state of the project, discuss where you want to take it, its history, roles, and timelines.

Who’s involved: you (and anyone you think should), business analyst, project manager, account manager, UI/UX designer.


Analysis, testing, audit

Now we have everything we need to assess the project in every aspect. We go deep into the tech part, do analysis, review code, test, and audit the UX/UI. This is where your evaluation and recommendations are ready to be presented.

This phase entirely happens on our side. We engage our entire team: business analysts, quality assurance engineers, the project manager, the account manager, and UI/UX designers.


Report and roadmap presentation session

We present our findings with a comprehensive report, and answer questions you may have. The report contains the full project assessment and actionable recommendations on where you need to improve and how.

Who’s involved: you (and anyone from your team), our business analysts, the project manager, the account manager, and UI/UX designers.

If you make the decision to move forward, the next steps are



We settle some necessary paperwork and sign the contract.


Team Allocation

We allocate a team of top-notch experts for your project.


Project Start

We get down to business of building your app into greatness!

Feeling ready take your mobile app to the next level?

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