You talk. We listen and ask questions. We want to deeply understand your business needs and goals to deliver an efficient targeted product.

Business Analysis

We dive deep into the specifics of your business processes and come up with strategic solutions that align with your goals.

Competitive Audit

Before a project begins, we conduct a comprehensive audit of competitors in the same space or category in order to better understand the competitive landscape.


User Journey Maps

We help map out the lifetime cycle of your customers, and explore all the possible touch points where they may interact with your business or brand.


We’ll collaborate closely to help identify and develop detailed user personas based on the needs of the business and align it closely to the overall product strategy.

User Research and Testing

Our research team will conduct qualitative and quantitative studies to help understand user pain points and provide valuable insight to help steer the product in the right direction. Usability tests will also be conducted to measure conversions and help fine tune the designs from user feedback. 



We’ll explore and provide detailed user storyboards to reflect how, where, and why people will interact with your product.


At the wireframe stage, we collaborate with you and your team to design the best user experience, navigation logic, concepts, and flows for your product.

Product Branding

We take a holistic approach to crafting an experience by exploring the brand first. Whether it’s adhering to an existing style guide, or defining a new product brand strategy, we've got you covered.  


UI Visual Design

We bring your wireframes to life with colors, shapes, fonts and icons. This is where you can see your product the way your users do.

Motion Design

Motion design adds emotion to your product. We put the right accents to emphasize specific features with meaningful animations.

Style Guide

Our design team hands off well-annotated mockups with the dimensions, fonts, and responsiveness rules for developers to build a pixel-perfect user interface.

Pattern Library

As a delivery of the design phase, we’ll provide a web-based pattern library that will house all the design resources, assets, and style guides to evolve and update the product over time.

Interactive Prototypes

We’ll provide hi-fidelity interactive prototypes, so you can view and interact with your product before a line of code is written. The prototypes can also help in usability tests and validating business models.


Team Augmentation

Product development is a team sport. We provide the quarterback, or the whole team: architects, project managers, software and QA engineers.

Project Management

Our project managers are well versed with all of the different types of software development methodologies. We'll help you pick the most effective, and transparent methodology for your product and yourself.

Software Engineering

Our full stack software engineering team works smartly, and is laser-focused on your product. We hand-pick developers for your team to ensure synergy and maximize performance.

Quality Assurance

We are, to our core, about quality. Our methodology employs testing on every stage of the development process to ensure your product works flawlessly on all the target platforms.


App Store Submission

With hundreds of projects launched, we know a thing or two about the trickery of submitting apps to Appstore and Google Play. We know how to make your launch smooth.

Product Deployment

We help pick the platform that suits the scale of your product. During the product deployment process we ensure a seamless transition to the live environment.

New Features Roadmap

Once the product is launched, the product designer and development team continue working with you on new features and hot-fixes based on customer feedback. Designers and product managers will help to visualize the product roadmap for new features on future builds.

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