Reinvently Mobile Product Agency

Meet our management team. These are only 3 of 50 great people here at Reinvently.


Helen Khais

Head of Sales


Oleg Reshetnyak

Head of Engineering


Michael Mahmood

Head of User Experience

Our Mission and Philosophy

Reinvently's mission is to clear the path to success for your business with effective mobile strategies, beautiful design, and world-class development.

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Product Philosophy

Your mobile app is more than a project for us. We focus on your business goals and dive deep to understand your users’ behavioral patterns. There's no guesswork, only sharp design decisions and flawless functionality. That is why our product approach delivers mobile apps that win.

We're a "Big" Small Agency

Back in the day, you'd open the door to your local bakery, and the baker would have your favorite bread fresh and ready to go. She might have had hundreds of customers, but she would always make sure you get that extra care and attention. That was a “big” small bakery. We bring that attitude back to life!

Design is the Soul

Great design is a universal language, communicating how something looks and how it works. It is through design that ideas become visually and aesthetically tangible. Your users’ delight dwells in beautiful design, and it is with our design-oriented approach that we can help you unleash it.

Our Core Values

The four fundamentals Reinvently is all about, that we all believe in.

Product Approach

Products do have a soul. We wrap our processes and expertise into a framework for creating outstanding products.

Aesthetics and Usability

Combining wow-inspiring user interfaces, experiences and mobile product strategy is our secret sauce for success.

Mutual Growth

Our performance is based on how successful our clients become with the apps we build.  We do our best to help you achieve success!

We Speak Your Language

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, we will make our process one hundred percent understandable for you.

Let's work together and build something outstanding for your business!

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