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Let's work together to design and build your first 10-15 prototype units,get them delivered quickly for testing, and launch mass production.

Requirements, PCB design and BOM

Reinvently works with your team on product requirements, including technical and physical constraints, targeted cost per unit, environmental conditions and other operational needs of your wearable or IoT device. Then we design a cost-effective prototype that meets your proof-of-concept needs.

  • Microchip / Atmel
  • Freescale / NXP
  • ARM
  • Renesas
  • ST
  • TI
  • Microsemi
  • Xilinx
  • Silicon Labs
  • Spansion / Fujitsu
  • Nordic

Industrial Design

Great design is at the core of everything Reinvently does, including wearable and IoT devices. We believe design is the soul of your product. So if your prototype needs to test if users will love your product design, then our expert Design team and hand-picked Design Partners will ensure you build the right look and feel for your application and market.

Prototype Production and Delivery

Once requirements and design are complete, we begin our iterative and collaborative process for hardware production and test of your new device. We build your hardware prototypes either in our North American or European labs. For production exceeding 1,000 units, we use Canadian or Chinese assembly lines.

  • MIPS
  • ARM Cortex-M/Cortex-A
  • Renesas RXv1/RXv2
  • MicroBlaze
  • ColdFire v2

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Firmware Development and Support

As the brains of your hardware prototype, great firmware is vital. Selecting the right platform during design phase ensures full and cost-effective product functionality for your wearable or IoT device. Our team’s expertise covers multiple different platforms and operating systems, including low-level embedded software.

  • C
  • C ++
  • Java
  • JavaSE
  • JavaScript
  • Assembler
  • Python
  • FPGA
  • Custom RTOS
  • Free RTOS

Companion Applications

Beautiful user-centric mobile app design and engineering has been at the core of Reinvently’s business since 2010. We’ve helped numerous startups and enterprise companies by designing and building the right iOS and Android apps for their innovative hardware, including wearable, IoT and medical devices.

  • iOS
  • SiriKit
  • Android
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Sonos

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Today’s smart devices and IoT sensors generate enormous amounts of data. Mining it means it must be analyzed, visualized, manipulated, stored and meshed with logic, AI and Machine Learning to automate and drive processes. Our expertise in data analysis can build you a secure end-to-end product solution that lasts well beyond your prototype.

AWS IoT Capabilities

AWS IoT software and services let you see the state of all your IoT devices. This advanced solution enables you to use knowledge from those devices to solve business problems – no matter where those devices are located. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can use the power of AWS solutions to architect, build and manage IoT backend solutions that will scale for both trials and millions of users.

  • Amazon Free RTOS
  • AWS Greengrass
  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS IoT Device
  • AWS IoT Management
  • AWS IoT Device Defender
  • AWS IoT Analytics

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Our Client Partners

Cameron Johnson


Dallas, TX

They were extremely communicative and hit all our deadlines. Their meticulous project management allows me to trust them and focus on other priorities, which has been extremely helpful. Reinvently have been great about coming up with creative and innovative solutions to address our needs. We’re currently in the process of building our second MVP and will ultimately work with them to build a fully featured product.


Justin Liu

Senior Product Manager, Platphorm LLC

San Francisco, CA

We chose Reinvently and stay with them because they’re a full-service provider that seemingly has expertise in everything. If we needed design support, they’re willing to step in. They’re also always very helpful, organized, and adapted to our product management software making everything visible and trackable for our team. We were ready to launch on the App Store within four months.


Chief UX Officer

at Q.Care

Dallas, TX

Other development firms have delivered UI designs that were completely off from what my requests were, as well as missing functionalities. With Reinvently, when I get an app to test, the work will be perfect. Reinvently has given us ways to avoid scenarios that may cause problems. The quality assurance team has been a time saver for us. I’ve rarely seen critical bugs.

Product Manager

at Optimal Asset Management, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

We hired Reinvently specifically for their extensive UI/UX design expertise. In a professional style of project and client management, anticipating future resource requirements and communicating regularly, Reinvently made sure our pains were always worked in. I also appreciated the management team’s constant involvement in our work. Being able to drive down the street was something that we were willing to pay more for.