Work With Us to Design & Build a Wearable or IoT Device Prototype

Work With Us to Design & Build a Wearable or IoT Device Prototype

Let experts build an iterative prototype that’s engineered to confirm your hypotheses, allowing you to demonstrate market feasibility & receive initial end-user feedback.

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Begin your journey into the IoT,
with a proven process

Whether you’re after confirmation before mass-production, or wanting to test a business IoT solution,
our iterative methodology has helped businesses across all industries.

Discovery & Requirements

We’ll analyze your targeted cost per unit, environmental conditions & restraints, to define its SWaP (Size, Weight & Power), alongside other technical & physical requirements. With a clear scope of your device’s operational needs, we can efficiently plan proof-of-concept prototypes, further bolstering them via a robust tech stack architecture that is optimized to your business.

Discovery & Requirements
PCB Design & BOM

Industrial Design

For some products, industrial design is a cornerstone of their go-to-market strategy. Robust, workable prototypes are always our aim, with functionality being key - but aestheticism can sometimes be a significant part of the process. We’ll determine whether industrial design is a key part of your prototyping development, then incorporate it into your overall strategy if required.

Industrial Design

The thing about hardware design - it’s hard, but not for us

Prototype Production & Delivery
Firmware Development & Support

Additional Services

Beyond your iterative prototype, it’s likely that your product will require more than
just the hardware itself:


Data Analysis & Machine Learning

IoT devices can generate enormous amounts of data, but determining its usage is a lot more complicated. We can build a comprehensive cloud infrastructure for the transmission of your product’s data, including encryption & storage. By implementing machine & deep learning algorithms, your product strategy can capitalize from your product’s data.

Data Analysis & Machine Learning
AWS IoT Capabilities

AWS IoT Capabilities

The state of all your IoT devices can easily be managed & viewed via AWS’ IoT services. Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we’re not ignorant of the vast business applications it enables. From trials through to millions of users, backend IoT solutions are ever present, allowing you to gain & use knowledge no matter where your device fleet is located. So, if you’re still building your IoT strategy, it’s worth checking out.

You’re just a click away from beginning to prototype your product