Sports App Development With no Finishing Line in Sight

Sports App Development With no Finishing Line in Sight

There are many sports & fitness apps, with each one aiming to solve a specific set of problems. But without a proficient team, success can vary.

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Sports Apps Development Solutions

Whether you have a main feature-set in mind or not, it’s worth looking at existing
categories within sports software development.

Activity Log & Tracking Apps

Activity Log
& Tracking Apps

Nutrition & Diet Planning Apps

Nutrition & Diet
Planning Apps

Live Events & Video-On-Demand

Live Events
& Video-On-Demand

Wearable Companion Software

Wearable Companion

Educational Tutorial & Video Guidance Apps

Educational Tutorial
& Video Guidance Apps

Betting, Fantasy & eSports Apps

Betting, Fantasy
& eSports Apps

Sports App Feature Set

But, feature sets are incredibly useful. Many sports and fitness app types have a
crossover with each other, so it’s also handy to think of them in terms of those feature
sets. Here are some typical features:

  • Geofencing - especially useful in live sporting events, geofencing allows the device to correlate its position with specific parameters set by the organizer.

  • eTicket - another way to bolster live events, traditional spectatorship can evolve into a digitally augmented experience.

  • Calendar Integration - from nutrition to workouts, linking the app to calendar functionalities allows for key alerts and notifications to reach the user.

  • Wearable Connectivity - IoT devices usually require dedicated companion software and features, allowing the owner to connect, sync, and monitor their data.

  • Biometrics - utilizing both on-phone sensors and wearable data, apps can measure things such as heart rate, running speed and caloric intake.

Sports App Feature Set
  • Video & Audio - event livestreams, archive video-on-demand, commentary podcasts… Audiovisual elements need to be reliably available, at high quality.

  • Live Scoring - the ability of your app to scan, scrape and record the ongoing changes in current and past scores can be integral to areas like fantasy sports.

  • Fantasy Leagues - speaking of, if you include a fantasy sports element to your app, you’ll need to include matchmaking & organizational elements.

  • Team Organization - from coaches contacting players, to athletes seeking new opportunities, team organization is becoming increasingly digital.

  • Social Tools - many sporting apps feature elements often found in social media platforms. Messaging, statuses, photo upload - if needed, they’re a vital feature.

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