From Mobile Banking Application Development to Personal Finances

From Mobile Banking Application Development to Personal Finances

We’ve got you covered - from avoiding common pitfalls & mistakes to ensuring your ideas are developed securely & wisely, our app experience spans the entirety of the finance industry.

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What Kind of Financial App
Does Your Business Need?

Given finance’s huge sway on many aspects of life and business, the array of available
apps is equally vast. Here are just some of the archetypes we have experience in:

  • Personal Finance Tracking Apps
    Personal Finance Tracking Apps

    Helping people to monitor their income, expenditure and savings is key in a digital monetary world. Apps such as these assist people to efficiently handle their money, providing meaningful statistics to create a healthier approach to funds.

  • Mobile Banking Apps
    Mobile Banking Apps

    Whether you use a digital or physical bank, it’s always handy to have access to your accounts on the go. A comprehensive feature set, including money transfers and interest tracking, will allow patrons to proactively get more from their account(s) than ever before.

  • Cryptocurrency & mWallets Apps
    Cryptocurrency & mWallets Apps

    With our expertise in NFC compatibility, personal information storage, and loyalty programs, we’re well-positioned to help you create a mWallet app. With a large body of blockchain-based experience, we can integrate exactly what you need, where you need it.

  • Stock Trading Apps
    Stock Trading Apps

    When it comes to stocks, more data results in more beneficial decisions. Data-driven decision-making is our forte, and that’s only amplified when dealing with finances. From voice searching, geolocation and monitoring, traders get what they need, immediately.

  • Mobile Accounting Apps
    Mobile Accounting Apps

    Making use of technologies ranging from POS-synchronization to machine learning algorithms, we can optimize a business’s accounting needs. Making tedious processes simple, noticing key patterns using data, and beyond - all your needs, in a single app.

  • Education & Simulation Apps
    Education & Simulation Apps

    Apps now allow people to 'practice' their financial handling via things such as mock stocks and simulated data projections. Gaining experience in finance used to require spending, but not anymore. It's also a lot easier to learn, with accessible education platforms.

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A Financial App's Feature Set

Despite the vastness of financial tech development, certain features appear again
and again, no matter what the archetype. We’ll help you determine your MVP’s
necessary feature-set, alongside a plan to keep improving it post-launch:

  • Account Balance & Financial Records

  • Robust Back-End System to support the app

  • Encryption & Security protocols

  • User Interface & Customer Experience design

  • Integration with wearable devices

A Financial App's Feature Set
  • Payment & NFC integration

  • Facial & fingerprint verification

  • Family & Shared Accounts

  • Up-to-date exchange and currency information

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet

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