A Holistic Approach to IoT Infrastructure

A Holistic Approach
to IoT Infrastructure

Understand your IoT ecosystem’s hardware components, firmware & cloud strategy, with all aspects proficiently analyzed & established.

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The Path to a Successful Product

By combining your vision with our experience, we can pave your IoT approach, ensuring
all crucial criteria are cared for & inserted into a sturdy product roadmap.



Optimal strategies require a breadth of knowledge. Our first step is to learn more about
your business, market & industry, as well as the product’s target audience.


We begin by pinpointing your product’s purpose, and how it intends to go to market. Our team will work alongside yours, incorporating your methodology into our practices to ensure natural interaction.


By learning about how you want your users to experience your product, we can plan it from the very beginning. Defining user roles & personas leads to a clearly constructed strategy.

Competitive Market Analysis

Even unique products have competitors. By closely analyzing your current & future market competitors, we can optimize your strategy for long-term market growth & successes.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Before we can begin determining your product’s infrastructure, we need to
decide on the product’s physical parameters, as they dictate future
technological options.

SWaP & Connectivity

The Size, Weight & Power of your IoT device are very important, with understanding technical & environmental requirements as a high priority. The device needs to be able to connect & communicate properly, too.

Industrial Design

We’ll determine which industrial design approach to take - by expanding upon SWaP requirements & outlined use-cases, a level of needed design can be established & applied to key product roadmap milestones.

Architectural Planning

Our discovery research & planning will be combined into a clear PCB board design & architecture. We can then optimize previous stages according to the predicted BOM, making adaptations in correlation with your budget.



An integral part of your final infrastructure, Firmware determines the
software element to your IoT product, as well as how it will grow.


Using a combination of hardware specifications & business approach, a clear set of firmware requirements will exist. This will be taken, then turned into a clear outline of what firmware infrastructure best fits your product.

Platform Selection

This infrastructure has to be built across a number of different platforms. We’ll suggest which ones your product can utilize best, offering a selection of both existing & custom solutions that combine into an optimal platform.

Feature Breakdown

Finally, we will apply your product’s intended featureset into the selected platform, resulting in a final firmware feature breakdown. This allows us to future-proof other infrastructure & go-to-market decisions.

Infrastructure design is impossible, without an infrastructure of experts

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

We need to determine how your product’s data is managed. Your industry,
hardware & compliance necessities will dictate our approach.

Data Requirements

Inventory management, storage, security, connectivity - we need to analyze how your product’s approach to data, before we finalize our approach to its infrastructure.

Platform Selection

We can now outline the optimal platform for your product. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, Google IoT, or a custom approach, a clear roadmap can begin to form.

Data Strategy

By implementing machine & deep learning algorithms, you can capitalize from collected data. We also incorporate optimal tools to your collected data.

Companion Software

Companion Software

IoT devices are many things, but they’re not self-contained units. You will
need methods of visualizing & interpreting the data you are receiving.

Companion Apps

Many products require apps to function optimally, such as Mobile, TV, or Voice Assistants. Means you need a companion software aspect to your overall IoT infrastructure strategy.

Dashboard & Admin Panel

Often, a GUI itself is not enough for the variety of commands & readings you will need to analize. Dashboards & Admin Panels allow you to easily access, interpret & use the data you need from the device.

Data-Driven Products

By detecting anomalies or patterns in data, we will design & build data-driven products to reinforce your core product strategy These products have the potential to bring added value to your organisation.

The result is a clear outline
 of your IoT approach

We want to hear about your IoT product