We Develop Healthcare Apps for Healthier Lives

We Develop
Healthcare Apps
for Healthier Lives

Heart rate monitoring, integrated health system applications, enterprise-tier physician platforms... We build beautiful and smart mobile solutions that delight patients, in any situation.

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Committed to
Medical Compliance

We help you to ensure that all legal parameters are met, safeguarding both user and product.



We’ll check whether your product is compliant with the US Food & Drugs Administration, then recommend necessary changes you’ll need for approval.



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets the standard for sensitive data protection. We’re ready to guide and assist you through it.



Electronic Health Records allow cooperation between healthcare providers and organizations. With our support and guidance, your product can utilize EHRs.

Does Your App Need FDA Approval?
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Reinvently Healthcare Apps Expertise

From hardware devices and wearables to iOS and Android applications, our proficiency in healthcare
technology allows you to go-to-market quickly with an MVP, then continuously develop your product.

  • Mobile Applications
    We develop iOS, Android & hybrid apps, from an MVP launch to continuous product development.

  • Backend Development
    Microservice architecture, cloud-based recording, and systems to securely handle your data.

  • Admin Panel
    Administrative tools and algorithm-based insights for practitioners, managers and your team.

Reinvently Healthcare Apps Expertise
  • Large-Screen Applications
    Vital from both functionality and accessibility perspectives, we know how to handle Tablet Devices.

  • Device Management
    Handle your IoT fleet and/or authenticated devices via smart, intuitive management controls.

  • EHR Compatibility
    Ensure a patient’s data is safe and secure, while being easily transferable to authorized platforms.

Apps for
Connected Devices

As you now know, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is rapidly growing. Like on-demand, the opportunities here are massive - from oxygen-based compromised tissue monitoring, through to consistent vital-sign awareness, companies are paving the way for a more IoT-based healthcare industry.

Apps for Connected Devices

Here's One We Created for Profusa

iOS HealthKit, Google Fit Integration

iOS HealthKit, Google Fit Integration

Many of your users take advantage of different app platforms to collect, manage and take action based on their health data. Our expertise with connected devices, custom wearables and these platforms helps you design and develop a more attractive app that better meets the needs of your customers.

On-Demand Healthcare

Connecting buyers to sellers enables the vast on-demand economy, and within healthcare that’s no exception. Patients can simply receive unparalleled choice & efficiency. Our deep expertise in on-demand includes a ready-made software engine, or the ability to create a custom solution for the problem you’re answering.

On-Demand Healthcare

Check out How We Made On-Demand
Healthcare Work for Qcare

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling has been around for a long time - but there are many unconventional ways it can be used. Whichever problem it solves, consumer headaches are alleviated - both literally, and figuratively. Strategies can involve hospitals automating scheduling when patient data anomalies are detected, or utilizing push notifications in emergencies.

Mobile-First Physician Platforms

With every physician having a phone or tablet at hand, app and browser-based EHR or ePrescription dashboards are a commonality. We can build ones that integrate and transform your existing systems, for faster patient care and billing.

 Physician Platforms
Hospital Patient Apps

Hospital Patient Apps

Supporting both urgent & outpatient care is not the only use for a hospital patient-based application. From physician referral to medication tracking, user-centric interfaces combine with your business objectives to provide a highly improved experience for your patients.


It’s important for convenient, quality care to be closely available to your patients. This requires expertise, which can be hard to fulfill without a medivac unless necessary. With good application design, mobile technology, and EMR integration, telemedicine is a worthwhile solution to consider.


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