Machine Learning Solutions, for Better Data-Driven Decisions.

Machine Learning Solutions, for Better Data-Driven Decisions.

Analyzing complex data via AI development allows you to grow your product, without chance of human error.

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An AI Foundation

An AI Foundation

AI software development can’t begin until a foundation is built. Your business will
undergo a process of AI enablement, enabling future machine learning solutions.

Streaming Data

Capture changes in data as it’s ingested, processed
& aggregated in real-time. Scalable with
streaming-first architecture, complete with
reference implementation from the Reinvently Team.

Machine Learning Model
Management Platform

Deploy, test, scale, monitor & maintain thousands of
machine learning solution models, both quickly and

Machine Learning

Scale reproducible research, feature engineering
and machine learning training processes with a
finely designed & tuned ML infrastructure.

Data Lake

Migrate your existing infrastructure & legacy data
into a cost-effective, meta-data-driven data lake,
that’s both consistent and Cloud-native.

Researching ML development can be infuriating. So, talk to one of us

AI Transformation

AI Transformation

Begin with a discovery workshop, receiving your Machine Learning solution concept in
just 2 weeks. Our 80/20 solution methodology accelerates proof-of-concept delivery
and predicts business impact.

Discover AI

  • Use cases identification &
  • Data discovery
    & assessment
  • Solution architecture
  • ML problem statement
  • AI adoption roadmap

POC & Delivery

  • Solution validation & testing
  • Solution integration with the
    existing applications
  • Deployment in the cloud
  • Integration with client’s process

Scale AI

  • Supporting live users
  • Upgrading the solution
  • ML models maintenance and
    training hours
AI Solutions

AI Solutions

Don’t spend a decade on refactoring your legacy infrastructure. Use a shortcut to an AI-first mindset with
accompanying product architecture. Our ready-available AI solutions drive fast time-to-market-value,
alongside high-impact, industry-specific customization capabilities.

Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization

Use AI to optimize your inventory, and achieve cost efficiency through accurate demand forecasting. Using AWS SageMaker.

Customer Support Automation

AI-powered automation can help you to achieve a tenfold reduction in customer support cost, all while keeping existing users satisfied.

Disease Screening & Diagnosis

Enable AI-Driven medical image intelligence & analysis to achieve a pathology detection rate of 95%. This enables scalable, faster & more efficient doctor diagnosis.

Defect Detection & Classification

Improve performance and work quality by enabling efficient task matching & review, increased security, and better workforce engagement through AI.

Factory Access & Safety Control

Optimize workforce management and surveillance costs, while enforcing safety and security, by adopting AI-driven factory access & safety control solutions.

Inventory Management & Supply Chain Optimization

Achieve operational efficiency and speed up manufacturing cycles by optimizing disjointed inventory and supply chain processes, all through ML-driven analytics.

If you’re reading this, you’re as excited about AI & ML as we are