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Knowledge + Process = Great UX

Discover how we create the right mobile experience by teaming withyou to identify the intersection of persona, context and content.

UX Strategy

Great UX requires a complete definition of your product and business. It includes business processes, workflows, and how users interact with your mobile product. This is built into a storyboard that focuses on important steps in a user’s relationship with your app and business, including conversion. That focus identifies the basis for designing your user experience.

User Research

To create a product your users will love, you need to understand them. This includes defining the behaviors, interests, needs, demographics and personality traits for groups of similar users into User Personas. Armed with these profiles, you can identify important design requirements and considerations for each persona relative to its role. After all, you won’t have happy users if you don’t know what makes them happy.

Content Strategy

Your app is more than screens and images. How you present ideas and data is as important as how they look. Consistent and clear content involves more than just writing text for labels and buttons. It’s applying the right voice and tone based on your personas and workflow objectives. Done correctly, it helps create an guided experience that your users will feel was created just for them.

Wireframing and Prototyping

To delight users, an app requires simple, logical and consistent design across multiple screens. A wireframe helps ensure this by defining a clear sequence of screens and actions across an app, including all necessary workflows like registration, subscription and payment. Such wireframes enable good user testing by being very close to an app’s final look including UI elements, buttons and content. Building clickable interactive prototypes can also help.

Expert User Testing

This offers the most cost-effective approach to design testing, with designers sitting next to users to see their behavior first-hand and asking them about their reactions and concerns. This approach is especially valuable to meet the needs of a specific audience when user profiles and product require more input. It also identifies important design issues well before development and MVP field testing make the cost of redesign significantly greater.

User Group Testing

Large-scale user group tests involve app prototype testing with hundreds or thousands of low cost users who often don’t match the app’s personas. Primary objectives are to find design issues, such as points of user registration failure and workflow abandonment, as well as identify areas of success through analysis of results, KPIs and analytics. Testing may include recording user voiceovers to discover areas of frustration.

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