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A Time-Tested Process For Success

Our technology and user experience Jedis review your product design and technology, providing an in-depth report of findings and detailed roadmap to relaunch it.


We work together to understand your product’s strategy, expectations and features. Then, once we know what you wanted it to be, we discuss its issues.

Business Workflow

We work with you to understand all features and components of your intended product, including its main user scenarios and environment. A blend of presentation and Q&A ensure we’re all on the same page.

User Roles & Personas

In this phase, we discuss your product’s different types of users and their personas, including the role of the product and how different users might value and use it.

Current Issues and Vision

This includes defining what is wrong with the product, including significant user feedback. We address what changes are expected and what business goals and KPIs should be met.


Now that we have a mutual understanding of the product you wanted, we review in detail what you have today, including end-to-end technology, user experience, and code quality.

Tech Review

Our end-to-end analysis of your product addresses more than just your app. We get “under the hood” to find any underlying issues that can impact quality, robustness and stability.

  • Mobile App & Backend Code Review
  • Architecture Review
  • Hosting Infrastructure Review
  • 3rd Party Services Review

UX Review

Design is the soul of your product. We closely examine your mobile product’s interface, user experience and continuity, seeking ways to improve user satisfaction and ease of use.

  • End-to-End User Experience
  • UI Screen by Screen Review
  • Product Branding & Style Review

Quality Assurance

With some issues, root cause can only be analyzed through rigorous end-to-end QA testing. We assess your product’s functional quality and performance for issues and improvements.

  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Other End-to-End Testing

Findings and Recommendations

Equipped with our extensive review and analysis, we provide you a comprehensive report of all our findings, including actionable recommendations on technology and product improvements.

Tech Feedback

Our assessment comprehensively reviews your end-to-end product, including application, backend and services. You get a clear view of how to improve technology and scalability.

  • Code Quality & Architecture Report
  • Refactoring Recommendations
  • DevOps Recommendations

Usability Issues

We report on your product’s complete design, including a screen-by-screen assessment of issues and improvements. Our aim: to elevate and reinvent your customer experience.

  • UX Issues Report
  • Usability Recommendations
  • Product Branding and UI Report

Bug Report

You can’t improve your product without identifying your problems. Our QA report identifies issues that are hard to find without deep testing and root cause analysis.

  • Prioritized Bug Report
  • Performance Report
  • Automation Recommendations

Product Improvement Plan

We deliver a clear and prioritized plan to fix your mobile product’s issues, including both design and technology, along with a rigorous long-term plan for continuing product improvement through product measurement. This proposal will include:

  • Product Roadmap, including refactoring, UI changes and new
    feature implementation
  • Cost and Budget Overview, including a roadmap-driven view, month by month in phases
  • Product Management Approach, including analytics, KPIs, retention, LTV, LTV:CAC, and other assessments

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Our Client Partners

Cameron Johnson


Dallas, TX

They were extremely communicative and hit all our deadlines. Their meticulous project management allows me to trust them and focus on other priorities, which has been extremely helpful. Reinvently have been great about coming up with creative and innovative solutions to address our needs. We’re currently in the process of building our second MVP and will ultimately work with them to build a fully featured product.


Justin Liu

Senior Product Manager, Platphorm LLC

San Francisco, CA

We chose Reinvently and stay with them because they’re a full-service provider that seemingly has expertise in everything. If we needed design support, they’re willing to step in. They’re also always very helpful, organized, and adapted to our product management software making everything visible and trackable for our team. We were ready to launch on the App Store within four months.


Chief UX Officer

at Q.Care

Dallas, TX

Other development firms have delivered UI designs that were completely off from what my requests were, as well as missing functionalities. With Reinvently, when I get an app to test, the work will be perfect. Reinvently has given us ways to avoid scenarios that may cause problems. The quality assurance team has been a time saver for us. I’ve rarely seen critical bugs.

Product Manager

at Optimal Asset Management, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

We hired Reinvently specifically for their extensive UI/UX design expertise. In a professional style of project and client management, anticipating future resource requirements and communicating regularly, Reinvently made sure our pains were always worked in. I also appreciated the management team’s constant involvement in our work. Being able to drive down the street was something that we were willing to pay more for.