An Honest Product Evaluation, Tailored to Your Business Goals

An Honest Product Evaluation, Tailored to Your Business Goals

Every product can be grown, but the hard part is determining how. Successful, long-term strategy is required. For tuning your product’s performance, repairing broken features, or simply scaling up your feature set, refer to us for proficient, professional evaluation.

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Let’s Diagnose Your Product

We’ll work with you to review the state of your product’s user experience &
technological structure, providing an in-depth report of issues, alongside a detailed
roadmap for addressing them.



The first step is determining what alterations your product needs. Once we know where
you want your product to be, we can decide the optimal way for it to get there.

Business Workflow

We begin with pinpointing your product’s purpose. We’ll collaborate with you to determine your current workflow, analyzing how it corresponds with the aims of your business. With this understanding, we can then better align goals & features together.

User Roles & Personas

It’s important for us to understand your target audience. We’ll analyze & define every persona within it, detailing how each will use & value your product. If personas are closely associated with your product objectives, this optimized fit will benefit all involved.

Current Issues & Vision

Now that we have a firm understanding of your product, we need to examine the issues being raised. Any concerns that you have with your product will be cross-referenced with customer feedback, resulting in an optimized developmental vision.

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Once we have a mutual understanding of your product from a business
perspective, we can begin the diagnostic phase of the product itself.

Tech Review

We begin with an end-to-end review, from source code through to infrastructure. This encompasses the entire product, finding every issue (both underlying or obvious) that impacts its robustness, quality & stability.

  • Entire Code Review
  • Architecture & Infrastructure Review
  • 3rd Party Integrations Review

UX Review

An incredibly important, yet often overlooked aspect to an app’s issues, is it’s user experience. Via close examination, we’ll seek ways to improve user satisfaction, retention & accessibility.

  • End-to-End User Experience
  • UI Screen by Screen Review
  • Product Branding & Style Review

Quality Assurance

Many issues can only be properly found & solved via regression testing. By determining your product’s functional performance, we can root these out efficiently, improving the overall quality of your product.

  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing

We tailor this workshop to your needs

Findings & Recommendations

Findings & Recommendations

Now equipped with the culmination of our extensive review & analysis,
a comprehensive report can be made. Tech, design & product
recommendations, across actionable steps.

Tech Feedback

Here, you’ll gain a clear view on how best to improve the technology &
scalability of your product. The
assessment includes all aspects of the product, including both the backend & services:

  • Code Quality & Architectural Report
  • Refactoring Recommendations
  • Environmental Recommendations

Usability Issues

A complete, all-inclusive analysis of your product’s relationship with
the customer. Outlining issues &
improvements, our aim is to elevate & reinvent your user experience, in the form of stunning design.

  • UX Issues Report
  • Usability Recommendations
  • Product Branding & UI Report

Bug Report

Without expertise in deep testing & root cause analysis, many issues are hard to find. Our QA report is created from integration testing of all components. This details the problems that must be fixed, in order for your product to thrive.

  • Prioritized Bug Report
  • Performance Report
  • Automation Recommendations
Product Improvement Plan

Product Improvement Plan

The end result of this workshop is a clear & prioritized plan that outlines your product’s
issues. Spanning both design & technology, each & every one is inserted into a rigorous,
long-term roadmap, outlining how each one should be approached & solved.

  • Product Roadmap, including refactoring, UI changes, & new feature implementation.
  • Cost & Budget Overview, including a phased roadmap-driven view, month-by-month.
  • Product Growth Approach, including Analytics, KPIs, retention, LTV, LTV:CAC, & more.
  • Continuous Development Improvements, including education on how best to use your newfound metrics & data.

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