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A trip to Las Vegas is an out of life experience. Plan a trip that includes fine dining in a celebrity chef owned 5 star restaurant, thrills like the zip line, and special attractions like the Mob Museum or Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour. Vegaster can even help with the transportation leaving you worry free. We know there is more to Vegas than mayhem and ruckus and we want to make sure that you get to experience it all.

Vegaster raised $1.1M in 2015

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The client

Vegaster founders approached our team in mid-2014 with the project being at the stage of a basic concept. They were looking for a killer design team cabable of visualizing the complex behind-the-scenes processes of Las Vegas on-demand entertainment.

Strategy and wireframing

Vegaster was the perfect use case for our trademark methodology of working with requirements through UI. From  storyboarding, to the UX of every screen, we dived into the specifics of the entertainment industry, defining the user-app interaction. The fruit of the toil was a detailed wireframe, showing the workflow of the product.

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Fabulous visual design

The supertask for the design team was conveying the unique Las Vegas spirit with the app’s look and feel. Coming up with the color sheme and style of the functional elements was an intense and collaborative work. Nightclubs, restaurants, even toilets – so much going on on the map! We designed dozens of great icons that really made the app stand out of the crowd.

Motion design

Every motion should make sense in design. To emphasize the most important interactions, we added a cherry on the top of the pie – a whole lot of smooth animations. Lists, maps, and transitions are all brought to life with satisfying and playful movement.


Development and QA


Okay, we got the fancy UI. Now we had to build a scalable iOS and Android architecture. Making the UI look alive and smooth on every device was a tough task on its own. Behind that cool user interface, there was a well-oiled backend to be developed with multiple APIs involved. We had to make sure that the product works smooth on iPhones, iPads, and across Android devices, including the low-end ones.

Due to the on-demand nature of the app, and the numerous third-party integrations, there was really a lot of workflows to test. We had to ensure a seamless integration with a number of distinguished global services in finding events, booking tables, parties and tours, buying tickets, and more.



After Vegaster went live in stores, and the first users came in, the development was continued. The dedicated Vegaster team kept working on it to make it even better. We’ve been supporting the product since its launch, and have implemented a number of features, workflows, and integrations. As Vegaster keeps winning hearts, the user base grows continuously.

Currently Vegaster allows booking everything in Vegas: restaurants, nightclubs, shows, tours and more, right from your smartphone. Find the nearest poker room, taxi stand or bathroom easily on the go.

If Vegas has  it, Vegaster does it!


What happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas. We stay with Reinvently/Provectus for our project because they continuously deliver a top-notch service in world’s most dynamic industry. They helped us grow an idea, to the Las-Vegas’ quintessential mobile app.

Rick Steele, Co-creator & Chairman, Vegaster (by TripAngel)

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Vegaster mobile application was designed and developed to become quintessential for visiting Las Vegas. There are few on-demand apps that can boast the usability and UI/UX design matching Vegaster’s. The Vegas app that gives you more than just “clubs”. Vegaster revolutionizes the way you get access to virtually everything Vegas. Vegaster can even help with the transportation leaving you worry free. We know there is more to Vegas than mayhem and ruckus and we want to make sure that you get to experience it all.

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