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01 Feb 2018 - 4 min read

Let’s talk about strategic mobile app resources to help your business, large or small, succeed in our increasingly connected mobile world. While we here at Reinvently specialize in mobile app development and design, there’s a lot more to the picture. You may be looking for data, funding, new devices needing applications, innovative considerations for your launch or long-term mobile strategy, maybe even mobile marketing expertise. Well, you’ll find that here – and we’ll be adding to this list as we uncover more truly awesome resources.

Please note that Reinvently has no formal relationship with any of the agencies or individuals referenced here. We believe the business resources and insight they provide can be of value to you even if (like some) are not focused solely on the mobile app market.   If you would like to submit a candidate of your own, please send us a Direct Message via Twitter.  And, if you’d like to keep up with our latest insights, please make sure to subscribe!

Without further adieu…

Data and Statistics

Need Data?  Make sure to bookmark the Small Business Administration’s Business Data and Statistics page. This is your gateway to over 100 statistical resources collected for the public record by 430 government departments and agencies. We like combining The American FactFinder and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to define county-by-county labor statistics by industry. to uncover critical indicators for On-Demand apps in particular.


Want to vet your ideas and plans or need to talk with a neutral business professional?   If you’re familiar with the SBA, you likely know about the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). Where consultants can charge $100 – $1,000 an hour, or more, talking with SCORE is free. Finding a mentor is free. SCORE is a nation-wide network with 10,000 retired professionals participating in 300 chapters – one likely local to you.

R&D and Technology Transfer

EPIC – The Federal Labs Consortium is your go-to resource if you need:

  • collaboration on R&D with scientists, engineers, research, labs and equipment,
  • access to patent licensing for use with original or derivative technologies and devices,
  • opportunities to take existing technologies to market rapidly with assistance from financial sponsors and manufacturers.

Their FLCBusiness database is your “One Stop Shop for US Laboratory Information.” This searchable database helps you find labs by any of 19 disciplines covering nearly 20,000 specific technologies across 300 federal labs like: NASA Ames Research Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Naval Medical Center, Center for Information Technology, among many, many others.

International Trade

What does international trade have to do with mobile applications? The United States represents less than 5% of the world’s 7.6 billion population. Export.gov can be instrumental to both your business and your app’s international success. They provide “trusted market intelligence, practical advice and business tools to help U.S. companies expand in global markets.”

International Direct Investment

SelectUSA.gov, “Helps companies of all sizes find the information they need to make decisions; connect to the right people at the local level; and navigate the federal regulatory system.” Additionally, SelectUSA helps American businesses attract direct foreign investments. They will direct you to the closest business development center. SelectUSA also sponsors international trade shows that can get your business in front of foreign investors. Its great for startups and established businesses looking for strategic partners.

Mobile Insight – International Trends, Marketing & More

In the Mobile World, few know more or have sharper insights than Peggy Anne Salz. A prolific writer, her articles can be found on Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and VentureBeat, among other venues. She has produced no less than nine books on mobile applications and trends. On top of all that, she maintains an active podcast at MobileGroove. While we share no affiliations, we find her insights on the international mobile market consistent with our own observations and what businesses can expect when it comes to Global Mobile vs. just the North American market.

Mobile App News

Everyone keeps an eye on TechCrunch; as do we, but we also like AppedUs as a provider of mobile app news. It’s important for the entire mobile industry to support and promote diversification to avoid the risks of duopolies like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Duopolies stifle competition and innovation. The AppedUs Team is a newcomer, but they are making a fine effort at providing valuable news, tips and information specific to Mobile Apps.

More to Come

Regular additions to this post can be expected throughout 2018 and beyond. If you would like to submit a resource for us to consider adding to this list, please send us a Direct Message via Twitter.

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