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09 Dec 2019 - 5 min read

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First Steps with Mobile Apps

These articles are meant to help everyone in the earliest stages of interest for a business app, for start-ups, mid-size, even enterprise. A mobile app is an investment so you want to make sure you need one, that the costs matches your budget, and have realistic expectations about your time to market.

Moving Forward in Hiring an App Agency

Who you hire to develop your app is an extremely important decision and can save you a load of money in the long-term. Many entrepreneurs are also afraid to talk with a professional, so there are some tips on how to protect your intellectual property throughout the entire development process.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach

For newcomers to the world of mobile apps, we almost always recommend starting with an MVP. It’s the perfect approach for finding your product market fit before a sizeable investment. You’ll maximize user feedback and be able to monetize your product faster – potentially even while it is in development. That said, there are also reasons why many apps fail while others become popular, and profitable.

Getting the Most out of Mobile App Design

Today’s apps need to be super simple to use, highly intuitive and responsive. If users find it difficult to use your app, they’ll abandon it in a heartbeat. Exceptional design is in every way responsible for how well you can monetize your app. Remember, webmasters spend a lot of time optimizing their websites to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by even 1%. The same principles hold true with mobile apps.

iOS, Android, Web or Cross-Platform Apps?

Probably the most technical decisions you will need to make for the development of your business app. Focus on the platform used by the majority of your users. Often enough, today’s mobile users may use a combination of iOS and Web or Android and Web. Some may take the cross-platform approach so their app can be used on all platforms. In addition to your app though, you need to know about how your app’s data is handled.

Important Mobile App Features and Functions

Gain insight on the components that go into your app, how they work and how they can be monetized. We start off with some of the most common and essential modules and move into more innovative features and functions.

App Monetization Methods and Models

You have many options on how you can monetize your mobile app.  You don’t need to implement all of them, or all at once, but many app owners fail to make use of all their viable options.

All About On-Demand Apps and Businesses

One of Reinvently’s areas of specialization. No other business model offers the scalability of On-Demand. On-Demand turns 4,000 years of conventional business wisdom on its head by asserting that “Access is Better than Ownership.” For starters, merely being able to invest in a mobile app provides you an advantage over 90% of businesses.  That is – you are able to offer them “access” to the mobile market.

mHealth, Medical Apps and Software as a Medical Device

mHealth apps can be the most complex apps to build as many ultimately require FDA approval while complying with HIPAA regulations. Many healthcare providers are still in the process of implementing an effective EHR program. Often their budget is under pressure for having to support legacy systems, so we cover a variety of approaches to help providers take the next step toward improving the value of their healthcare services.

Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions and billions of devices are making their way into our daily use. In the process, they are generating enormous amounts of data to help make better business decisions, improve efficiency, and provide monetization opportunities.

Insights for Streaming Music Apps

There’s a lot of space for music. There are over 10,000 radio stations in the United States. Each has its own geographical market and niche. Over 2,000 of these stations cater to different varieties of country music, alone. You’ll find another 1,400 playing four different styles of Adult Contemporary music and 300 jammin’ to Modern Rock. The market segments even further with 500 stations playing Spanish.

Mobile App Marketing and Business Planning

The customer always comes first, so the core objective is to deliver a product that provides real value to end-users and that they’ll love to use. Product-wise, it’s knowing why your idea is better than what your competition offers. Business-wise, it means knowing where your business stands, the resources it has, where it’s going and how it’ll going to get there.

Some Extra Tips for Startups

App Store Optimization (ASO)

It’s not enough to just get your app into Google Play, the App Store, or even other independent and third-party stores. There are millions of apps out there, thousands more added every week. ASO is all about getting your app recognized – and keeping it.

Reinvently References, Ratings and Customer Reviews

What others have to say about our work is more important than anything we can say about ourselves. The following covers some of the recognition we’ve received over the past few years and the exciting work we’ve been part of with Swiftmile.


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